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November 22, 2021
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3 Types of Amarillo Marble

Home improvement and renovations jumped by more than 50 percent over the last year. Google search trends indicate that queries specifically related to kitchen remodeling increased by 23 percent. And with any good kitchen remodel comes new countertops.

Marble countertops remain among the most costly options for a remodel; however, they offer spectacular beauty. Amarillo marble stands among the most unique possibilities. This stone makes a great surface for bathrooms, fireplace mantles, and offices beyond just the kitchen.

This elegant stone stands as one of the most valuable additions to your home. Here’s a look at three types of Amarillo marble slab options on the market.

1. Amarillo Marble

Because of its natural occurrence, marble comes in many different colors and textures. Amarillo Triana is a yellow dolomite marble mostly quarried in Spain. The gray veining reminds homeowners of bamboo because of its color.

This marble slab remains a spectacular option for both interior and exterior applications. Since this stone is heat resistant, Amarillo marble works well as a countertop.

2. Amarillo Macael

Amarillo Macael is a thin grain of marble. This marble often comes with black veins striping its yellow hue. Some slabs feature lines of calcite sedimentary rock.

This marble slab gets quarried in Spain as well. It gets its name from Macael, a city in the Almeria province of the Andalusia region of southern Spain. Uses for this type of marble include countertops, interior wall, and floor applications, as well as pool capping stones, among others.

3. Amarillo Almeria

Amarillo Almeria marble is another type of yellow marble quarried in southern Spain. Similar to the other types of Amarillo marble, this slab features dark veining and a striking yellow color.

Many people use this Amarillo marble as an accent piece due to its bright color and fine grain. Finishes for this stone include polished, rock-faced, sawn cut, and sandblasted.

Different Uses

Marble countertops peaked in popularity during the first half of the 20th century. Cheaper materials became trendy over time because of marble’s expensive cost. But now, marble’s very much back in fashion.

Marble offers a refined elegance thanks to its natural, luxurious appearance. The wide spectrum of colors provides distinction and uniqueness and separates it from most other natural stones.

There are concerns with marble, however. The porous nature of the stone more readily absorbs liquids if not properly sealed. Also, the stone might not be as sturdy as other options and can be scratched or chipped.

That said, marble countertops make great accents. An island with Amarillo marble really pops in a kitchen. And when sealed, marble is very easy to clean.

Marble Countertop Solutions

Are you looking for different options to fit with your vision of Amarillo Marble countertops? There are several different types of natural stone to choose from to complement the look you’re going for.

Alpha Stone Fabricators is a company you can rely on to deliver beautiful, hand-crafted countertops exceeding the highest industry standards. Visit the Contact page to get in touch, ask a question, or submit a request for an estimate.

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